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You have been wondering about a home remodeling project for a while now. You may have bought a magazine or a book on renovating ideas. But glossy pictures and glitz are hard to imagine in your own place, and it is so much you imagine doing in your limited space. This post lists the most popular home renovations, where you can offer the best long-term value for your remodeling dollar and imagine doing wonders in your limited space.

Redoing a Bathroom

If your bathroom seems boring, change it up, add some sophistication, style, and sparkle with concrete. With its durability and resistance to heat, moisture, and stains, give a unique personalization to nearly every possible surface, including the vanity, the sink, the floor, and even the bathtub. You can even experiment with the different shapes, colors; incorporate custom inlays, and much more.

Redoing a Kitchen

The kitchen ranks at the top when it comes to home remodeling, where one spends the bulk of their family time together. Kitchen decorating plans are the most intriguing and the most crucial part of your kitchen remodeling. Concrete can be cast in sizes to fit nearly any kitchen space, from small to large, and can incorporate built-in cooktops, drainboards, food prep areas, storage cabinets, breakfast bars, and many more. Concrete can withstand everyday wear and yet, it remains beautiful and complements the existing décor. It is also waterproof, mold-resistant, less-slippery, more functional and easy to maintain.

Redoing a Basement

If you are updating your basement owing to the existing state, structure or space of your basement, a little redecorating with concrete flooring might be just the ticket.  You can make your basement an aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable space out of a dark and forgotten basement. All you have to do is to throw away the traditional concept of the basement. You should imagine this part of your home not as a left-out storage area but as an extra space with the potential to become extremely useful. By having this mindset, it will be easier for you to experiment with concrete functionalities.

When investing in home improvement, there are numerous conditions to take care of. A good place to start is with the floor, as this will often dominate the entire look and feel of the place and its décor. A popular choice for many is a Polished Concrete Floor. Concrete flooring is a timeless classic and can offer a multitude of practicalities. By using high-performance concrete, you can make worn concrete look like new again or completely upgrade your surface with an exciting decorative and customization possibilities.

So if you’re ready for your next project, we’re here to help!  We will meet or BEAT any competitors quote – GUARANTEED! Call Kelowna Concrete – 250-448-6366.

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