Kelowna Concrete Resurfacing – Dressing Up Your Existing Concrete

In the past few years, there is an upsurge in decorative concrete in restaurants, stores, and salons. Inspired by this new breed of concrete with its attractive color options, variety of patterns, homeowners are now incorporating concrete into their home improvement projects. They are taking great pride in their home, and are renovating their homes, especially their back yards, perhaps they are spending more time outdoors. They are hiring decorative concrete specialists to color, stain, score, stamp, overlay, or otherwise decorate the pool decks, entries, countertops, engraving, driveways, and walkways around their homes.

Kelowna Concrete creates an array of hardscape projects, including patios, porches, walkways, and driveways, by using stamped and colored concrete techniques

Both our residential and commercial clients love the range and depth of colors that we can emanate from their concrete floors. We are experts in creating beautiful, mottled color tones in existing concrete surfaces, both interior and exterior floors. We enhance existing surfaces so homeowners do not have to go through the arduous process of replacing concrete over and over.

One of the most popular methods used in decorative concrete driveways is stamping. Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, and even wood. It is used to beautify pool decks, driveways, entries and courtyards, and patios. Due to the wide array of patterns and colors available, and the lower price tag compared to other materials, stamped concrete is becoming increasingly popular and a more frequent material of choice for homeowners across the country because of the wide array of patterns and colors available.

We ensure there is a whole new luxurious atmosphere in entertaining guests and spending time outdoors. Request for a quote today for more information. Call Kelowna Concrete – 250-448-6366.

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