Kelowna Concrete Resurfacing – Is Concrete Resurfacing an Option for You?

Concrete is touted as one of the most durable surfaces available, but even this material can become worn over the years. However, the expensive and time-consuming process of replacing concrete is not always necessary. Instead, many homeowners decide to resurface their concrete driveways and walkways for a fraction of the cost of replacement. If you want to bring new life to a concrete surface but don’t have the budget for a complete replacement, read on for guidelines to determine if concrete resurfacing is the best choice for you.

When Resurfacing is NOT a Good Idea

There are some situations where resurfacing will not be a good option. If shifting soil or extreme weight has caused severe damage to the concrete, resurfacing will not be able to fix the problem. You may spend money on resurfacing and then have to pay even more in repairs just a short time later. The following problems indicate that replacement may be necessary:

  • Sunken concrete that may be the result of shifting soil or extreme weight on the surface
  • Large cracks that go through the entire layer of concrete, since these may indicate soil erosion or shifting soil underneath
  • Uneven surfaces caused by freezing conditions that create some groundswell and changes to concrete surfaces

If your concrete is damaged in any of these ways, replacement may be your only option. However, if your damage is mostly cosmetic rather than structural, resurfacing may be a beautiful, cost-efficient alternative. A professional concrete contractor will be able to evaluate your specific situation and make appropriate recommendations.

When to Resurface

Resurfacing can be done on nearly any concrete surface that is structurally sound and in relatively good condition. It can be used to rejuvenate driveways, walkways, patios and basement floors. Cities use it to spruce up streets and highways. The cost of a resurfacing project is minimal compared to replacing concrete completely. There are also many decorative alternatives available in resurfacing today that allows homeowners to breathe new life into old concrete structures.

Before Resurfacing

Any concrete surface needs to be cleaned well before resurfacing, usually with a pressure washer. Small cracks or holes should be filled in with appropriate epoxy filler. Once the surface is completely dry and repaired, it is ready for treatment. While some owners try to tackle a resurfacing project on their own, hiring a professional concrete contractor will ensure the job gets done correctly. It also provides many more choices in decorative options to customize the project to the homeowner’s unique style.

If you are considering a concrete resurfacing project, it is best to call a concrete resurfacing contractor. This experienced professional can advise you as to whether a resurfacing treatment will be sufficient or it would be better to completely replace the current concrete. You can also get options for colors and styles of resurfacing that will create a whole new look for your patio or driveway. A professional contractor will ensure your resurfacing project is done correctly and beautifully so you can enjoy the result for a long time.

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