Kelowna Concrete vs. The Other Guys!

For more than 10,000 years concrete has been used to build strong durable masterpieces from the Pyramids, Colosseum, and Pantheon to more traditional home and office buildings we see today… WHY? Because it’s durable and it lasts!

That’s why Concrete has become such a popular option for Business Owners, Developers, and Home Owners today when mapping out their design plans. Here are just a few reasons clients choose concrete vs. the other guys…


Kelowna Concrete uses only the BEST, top-quality products to ensure your flooring lasts a lifetime! No other flooring materials can boast this same longevity. Carpet, tile and even wood floors eventually need replacement, using up resources, creating waste and adds up to MORE MONEY out of your pocket!


Thinking about tile, slate, granite or marble? While they are all beautiful they can cost you from $11-$20 and up per square foot! Now you can get the same beautiful finish while dramatically cutting costs. Kelowna Concrete using only top quality products, offering a more durable alternative while still reducing costs down to $3-$7 per square foot.  You’ll also find that the lower maintenance costs you enjoy due to the durability of our product will result in making our surface application process comparably the most economical option… while still giving you superior design flexibility and maintaining top aesthetic appeal.


Suitable for residential through to industrial applications you have virtually maintenance-free versatility. Whether the high traffic stems from a growing family or car, truck, aircraft tires, heavy equipment or spilled oils, chemicals or food products, our industrial strength concrete and coatings never fail to provide you security and peace of mind. A simple damp mop will do the trick to keep your floors looking perfect vs. tiles or carpet which soak up oils and dander even with rigorous cleaning. Simply put… Your concrete floors will stay cleaner longer and are hassle-free—GUARANTEED!


Kelowna Concrete offers a large variety of products and systems to choose from giving you unlimited potential for unique creative personalization. There is a practical, fully functioning, absolutely perfect application for virtually any area dreamt possible. Your options are endless… Your only limitation is your imagination.


Our research and development team is always at work finding the latest trends, application methods, and most avant-garde concepts, ensuring you have the latest in product design and materials installed using the best practices our industry has to offer.

When you’re ready for your next project, we’re ready to help. Our “out-of-the-box” thinkers along with thorough product knowledge allow us to push the product properties to their fullest potential resulting in truly unique and outstanding project solutions.

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